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From: chip ster
Subject: Heath Files - 09The Heath Files
By chipsterLEGAL STUFF: If you're offended by stories with a sexual content, don't
read this. If you're under age, don't read this. If it's illegal to be
caught with this stuff where you live, don't read this. There are lots of
typos in this story. While the content is mostly fictional, the dialogue
actually happened. I'm putting it into the Archives just as I received
them.OTHER STORIES BY CHIPSTER IN THE NIFTY ARCHIVES:"Camp Clover For Boys" - Bisexual/Adult-Youth
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THE HEATH FILES - FILE #9I was thrilled to find out that Heath had decided to stop visiting with the
grown-ups, but I realized that if I Preteen Upskirt was going to keep him away from them,
I'd have to help him find other outlets for his sexual urges. I asked my
friend Kent to join us in a conversation and see what we could do to keep
him interested.
chipster says: Hi!heath says: k im herechipster says: Hang on, I'll get Kent... Kent has been added to the conversation.
chipster says: Hi Kent!Kent says: Hi, Chip!chipster says: Heath, Kent's on the line nowheath says: ok hi kentKent says: howdy :*Kent says: how r u heathheath says: im ok thanksKent says: staying warm in the northheath says: it sucks here its like relly coldKent says: i am sure that u r findind way to keep warm thoughheath says: yeh talkin to chip always makes he hot hehechipster says: Thanks!Kent says: same hereKent says:
:)heath says: yeh hes coolKent says: for a fudy dudyheath says: hehechipster says: I thought maybe we could do some roll what
Heath would go through if he were to try out for your who
you're calling a fuddy duddy!Kent says:
:)Kent says: a try-out huhheath says: that wud be cool to do thatKent says: r u up for that heathheath says: but you guys cant laff Preteen Upskirt at me or nothing okchipster says: OKheath says: yeh im up for that. way up hehechipster says: Why would we laugh at you?heath says: nothin never mindchipster says: You're among friends here!Kent says: :-)heath says: ok do i get naked now or what heheKent says: hold on 1 sec brbchipster says: I hope you like this...I think Kent is really cool,tooheath says: yeh im hornychipster says: Well, so am I...heath says: cool. i gott go out with mom to the mall at about 4 tho but
thats time huh?Kent says: ok backheath says: okchipster says: Should be...chipster says: Where does he start, Kent?heath says: i like this alreddyheath says: do i get naked during my interview?chipster says: Eventually...Kent?chipster says: I think we've lost Kent...heath says: oh k, guess u got to interview me then heheKent says: sorry computer froze upchipster says: OK...where does Heath start?Kent says: ok heath first tell me what you like most about yourselfheath says: oh. well i think im a good guy like i dont make any enemies or
nothing like that. about my body i think my chest is the best thingKent says: cool...Kent says: when was the first time that you remember playing with
yourself... or masterbatingheath says: wow. i know i was a lot younger like maybe 10 or something and
i Preteen Upskirt knew it felt goodKent says: what do you like most about sex... Other than it feels goodheath says: thats hard. i like the excitement Preteen Upskirt i guess. like getting naked
in front of someone and them seeing me and me seeing themKent says: (we would normally be sitting in front of the stage at the farm)
this is marissa and thomas both of them are naked who do think is more sexyheath says: and knowing that i can make them boned and that they make me
bonedheath says: thomas cuz i like guys moreKent says: so... a guy with a girl does nothing for you?heath says: yeh it duz i got a boner thinking about itKent says: okay... let me introduce you to thomas and codyKent says: (both naked by the way)heath says: wow. that would be really hot seeing two guys naked for the
first timeKent says: I want you to tell them what you like best about a guys bodyheath says: i like a guys cock and balls best. specially the balls for some
reason i just like the way they are like right there. and a dudes cock is
awsumKent says: ok... thomas would you please lay down and cody get on
top... Heath... tell them what you want them to do nextheath says: shit. id like them to start kissing each other cuz guys kissing
is hot. then feeling each other all Preteen Upskirt over real slow likeKent says: cody and thomas are now slowly caressing each other... kissing
slowly and deeply... there hand stroking each other cocks with passion and
caringheath says: that gives me a major bonerKent says: heath... please take your shirt off...heath says: fuk. yeh i want to do that. ok i took it offKent says: heath... thomas is 20 and cody is 18, which would you rather
kiss uheath says: is the girl still watching too? thomas for sure or both of themKent says: no the girls is gone.. i will tell you thought that there are 19
cameras filming this rightnow... and about 9 kids age 15 to 19 watching you
from behind 2 way mirrorsheath says: that is really hotKent says: thank you cody you may go... thomas this is heath...Kent says: heath I want you to tell thomas how to take your pants offheath says: this is hot. ok. i want him to like really slow like undo my
belt and then like really slow unbotton the buttons on them all the way
down so my cock kind of pops out likeKent says: thomas slowly teases you by pulling at the buttons with his
teethheath says: fuk never thought of that. thats hot cuz i can feel his teeth
on my cock while hes undoin them that wayKent says: heath... close your eyes and find thomas' mouth with your cockheath says: oh man yeh i can feel him moving his mouth over my cock and
getting it really hardKent says: heath... look over towards the stage... that is jeff and
cody... i want you to do to thomas everything that jeff does to cody... okheath says: okKent says: jeff is now slowing suckingon cody's cockKent says: tell me what you think his next move should beheath says: oh man oh man yeh. i move my mouth to thomass cock and start to
put my mouth over it. then i see jeff moving his mouth down to codys balls
and so i start to do the same thing to thomasKent says: jeff lays cody down on the stage and pushed his legs up over his
headheath says: oh fuk. ok i Preteen Upskirt push thomas back too and lift his legs upKent says: what is nextheath says: then i see jeff licking codys butt and i start to do the same
thing to thomas. i get my tonge in him a long way and really do it to himKent says: jef begins to push is middle finger into codys ass... CODY moans
with exctimentheath says: oh man oh man yeh. i move my finger to thomass butt too and
real slow like put my finger up insde him. i never got to do that much for
real so its coolKent says: heath I want u to get thomas up onthe stage with jeff and
cody... tell me how your would do Preteen Upskirt that without talking to thomaschipster says: I'm enjoying this! Keep it going!Kent says: shhh! quite behind the mirrorheath says: wow. ok. well i guess i just take thomass cock back in my mouth
and then start to move over towards the other two dudes just kind of taking
thomas with meheath says: yeh Preteen Upskirt
chip ur sposed to be quiet back there hehe. just stroke off
and watch heheheheheKent says: good... tell me... if you could add anything to our little orgy
right now what would it be... (remember I have everything that you can
imagine just upstairs)heath says: i dunno. i dont know what you like so thats kind of
embarrassingKent says: dont be embrassed we have done it allKent says: (out of character) trust me nothing you say will shock meheath says: ok. well maybe theres one of those sling things there and its
on the stage too and the guys decide to put me in itKent says: ok...jeff... run upstairs and lower the sling on to the stageheath says: fuk yeh this is getting really hotKent says: heath.. while jeff is doing that ... I want you to warm up cody
and thomas...tell me how you will get them hotheath says: wow i'd get them both to lie down in front of me and i'd take
turns sucking their cocks really slow, then sucking their balls too and
their tits and rubbing all over their bodiesKent says: as you do that you feel straps tap your back... look up and tell
me what you seeheath says: oh man. well i seen a sling thing before for real and its
hanging there and its all leather and has cuff things to put your arms and
legs in and i see jeff standing there telling me to get up into itheath says: then maybe like all three of them lift me up and put me in it
and strap me in it and spread me really wide open likeKent says: what does it feel like to be strapped inheath says: its awsum. totally awsum cuz i cant move and i cant stop them
from doing whatever they want and its even more awsum knowing other people
are watching it allheath says: specially chip i wud love for him to see me like that for realchipster says: The crowd behind the mirror is watching very, very intentlyKent says: thomas cody and jeff all begin to feel your body... each taking
turns with your ass and cock....Kent says: which of them would you like to fuck you firstheath says: i think thomas and i want him to be kind of ruff like doing itheath says: and maybe like one of the others can put theirs in my mouth so
im sucking one and getting it in the butt from thomas and the other one is
pinching my tits and pulling my balls and stuffKent says: thomas begins to pound you in the ass you suck on codys cock
while jeff jacks your cock and licks your titsheath says: oh man oh man yeh thats gonna make me cream all my spermsKent says: go ahead let loss...Kent says: tell us what it feels likeheath says: i mean for real im close to creaminKent says: thomas is now rockin your ass... jeffs mouth closed tightly
around your cock sucking all of the spearm you have and cock has just cum
all over your facechipster says: Go ahead...everyone behind the mirror is playing with
themselves and each other...we're all excitedKent says: heath... cum for us... tell how you cumheath says: fuk i busted big Preteen Upskirt timechipster says: We're all watching!Kent says: now it is your turn... who do you want to put in the swing...heath says: it shot a long way it was like almost real with peeps watchingheath says: wow. i never thot about that i only did it once and it was a
younger dude. ok put jeff in it and we'll do it to himheath says: man i got sperms all over Preteen Upskirt me heheheath says: hey chip if you knew who was here we could put him in huh hehechipster says: So they're letting you loose and Jeff is getting into the
swing now?Kent says: anyone you want... in front or behind the mirrorchipster says: Who's ther with you Heath?heath says: yeh they took me down and now jeff is in it and we're strapping
him inheath says: no one my moms downstaris im aloneKent says: jeff says that he doesnt like the sling...heath says: duz that mean we have to let him out or does he have to take it
like i did?Kent says: in our group no means noKent says: what do u want to doheath says: ok cool. thas cool i like that. i want to take him out. i know
what thats like and i dont wanna make him do itKent says: jeff suggestes someone older... with more expereienceheath says: ok i thot jeff was like the same as the other guys. ok. we put
thomas in it then does he want to? Preteen Upskirt
or hey we can bring chip out and put him
in it heheKent says: who ever u want.... do u want to put chip inheath says: yeh that wud be way awsum if he will do itchipster says: I've never done anything like that before...chipster says: for heath, surechipster says: Just leave my hands free, OK?Kent says: chip walks outheath says: awsum. we wont hurt you for sure. ok we put chip in it and then
thomas goes around and starts putting his cock in chips mouth. jeff moves
down and starts sucking chips cock. cody starts to kiss his nipples and
stuff and i move my head down and start to kiss his butt. yeh ok ur hands
arent tied upheath says: oh yeh but first i move up and give chip a really long kiss
with my tong and all and really get him excitedKent says: everyone leaves but chip heath and kent...chipster says: I'm getting really, really hard...chipster says: I put my arms around heath and give him a hug while we kissKent says: heath... tell us how you want to fuck chipheath says: ok. chip is all strapped in except his hands and kent is
sucking on chips tits. i move down and put my cock right at his butt hole
after getting it all wet but not quite pushing it in yetchipster says: I feel it...Kent says: STOP..... HEATH... Tell us what you are thinking right now?heath says: man im thinking what it would be like for real to be naked with
chip and getting reddy to Preteen Upskirt do it with him but id really rather have him
doint it to meKent says: heath... everyone is gone...Kent says: it is just you and i...Kent says: the sling is gone... the stage is dark...Kent says: come over hereheath says: shit my moms hollerin its time to go. fuk. i got major wood
again. fuk sorry chip and kent. i gotta go or she'll be up to get me. i'll
call when i get back sorrychipster says: How long you gonna be?Kent says: BYE heath has left the conversation.chipster says: Over to ICQ, pleaseKent and I continued our conversation on ICQ, discussing Heath's reactions
to what Kent had thrown at him in the roll playing. Kent had no doubts that
Heath was a real person and not someone's internet figmentation, as I
already believed. Kent had s some business affiliations in Toronto and
offered to help set up a group similar to his and get Heath involved. I
thought it would be a wonderful idea. I still can't believe how lucky I am
to find people like these on the net, so willing to share their sexual
identities and desires. And Heath was at the center of it all right now.
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